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Prior to joining Koya Law Andrew spent 15 years at Deutsche Bank in New York.

While at Deutsche Bank he spent 10 years in the legal department and 5 years in the prime brokerage front office. Before joining Deutsche Bank Andrew was at Safeco Asset Management in Seattle for 7 years.

While working in Deutsche Bank’s legal department, Andrew directly drafted and negotiated the full range of trading agreements supporting the prime brokerage business and additionally managed the broader legal team that negotiated trading agreements for all of the Corporate Investment Bank division of Deutsche Bank. In the prime brokerage front office, Andrew was responsible for managing the credit and legal onboarding process for clients and representing the business during client negotiations.

While working in the prime brokerage front office, his responsibilities included:

  • Directly interfacing with clients throughout the onboarding process as it related to explaining the legal structure and various offerings of the platform, documentation requirements and negotiation, client trading needs (products, markets etc.) and facilitating credit due diligence discussions for new funds and managers.
  • Coordinated with internal teams to facilitate the opening of accounts, completion of documentation/KYC and other requirements and directly managed any negotiations that occurred.
  • Provided business feedback and/or approvals as needed during the document negotiation process.
  • Handled any internal negotiations and discussions, including acting on the client’s behalf during internal discussions, to address client needs and requests from an operational or documentation perspective.

Prior to moving to the prime brokerage front office, his responsibilities in the legal department included:

  • Drafting and negotiating prime brokerage agreements, term lock-up agreements, Listed Futures and Options Agreements, ISDA Master Agreements and Credit Support Annexes, Master Confirmations, Account Control Agreements, US and International Repo Agreements (MRA and GMRA), electronic trading agreements and any ancillary agreements or side letters that went with the primary trading agreements.
  • Managing the firm’s legal negotiation teams responsible for trading and financing related agreements across the various trading desks of the Corporate Investment Bank.
  • Managing all day-to-day operations of the satellite legal office Deutsche Bank established in Jacksonville FL which comprised 60 people handling the full range of legal support for Deutsche Bank in the US.
  • Hired and directly trained staff supporting the document negotiation functions and hired and provided local management support for other legal staff.
  • Developed and maintained the operating model used in all satellite legal offices globally to insure a consistent legal service delivery method to the legal hubs.
  • Worked with internal stakeholders to revise and enhance document templates to ensure the legal agreements accurately reflected the trading and services being conducted and were up to date with all necessary legal and regulatory requirements.


  • FINRA – SERIES 7 General Securities
  • Representative License
  • University of Washington (1996) – 2yrs of a B.S.